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The offer will be valid until August 23, 2023.
It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that the application has been received by HR prior to the date that the advertisement will be removed from the website.

Please take into consideration that your application was not successful if you have not been contacted within the first thirty days after the date that this advertisement was closed.

[email protected] is the email address that should be used for any questions that you may have regarding the application or recruitment process.

We strongly encourage all of our workers, customers, members of the general public, and vendors to come forward if they suspect any kind of fraud or corruption at Transnet.
Dial the toll-free number for the hotline, which is 0800 003 056, or send an email to [email protected].

Operating Division : Transnet Engineering
Position Title : General Worker: Gardening
Employee Group : Non Permanent
Department : Facilit & Infra
Location : Koedoespoort
Reporting To : Supervisor: Gardening & Cleaning
Grade Level : FTML2
Reference Number : 3002102

Ensure that the plant premises are properly maintained and that all external areas are secure, safe, and tidy so that they present a safe environment. In addition, ensure that they are aesthetically pleasing.
Make sure that the grass is properly cut in accordance with the soft services specification of the facilities, and that the vegetation and trees are trimmed to an acceptable standard in accordance with the requirements.
to make certain that all of the necessary machinery to carry out these tasks is in a state that is both safe and reliable, and that adequate first-line maintenance, which should include checking the oil and fuel levels, is carried out.

Outputs are in position: OUTPUTS

TE employees are responsible for operating all of the machinery necessary for road and yard cleaning, grass cutting, and vegetation control.
When you are performing the tasks of cutting the grass, trimming the hedges, and controlling the vegetation, you need to make sure that the requirements of the Service Specification are met.
Follow the roster that has been provided by the Facilities Supervisor in order to rotate between the different areas that have been assigned to require cutting in an efficient manner.

It is important to conserve both fuel and other resources. To keep costs under control in the domain that falls under your purview, think of some creative ways to save money.
Perform the initial level of maintenance on the machines, which consists of checking the oil and fuel levels as well as cleaning the machines after each use.
Collaborate with the gardeners, who will need to pick up after you and clean some of the nooks and crannies that the machine can’t get to, and work together to get the job done.

Carry out all of your responsibilities in a safe manner, participate in safety talks, and do what you can to foster a culture of safety within the team.
You need to think of some new ideas and ways to save money, such as reducing the amount of water used for irrigation and the amount of fuel used by the machines.
When carrying out your duties, you should at all times wear the appropriate protective clothing.
Establish and maintain positive working relationships with the Facilities Supervisors and gardeners, and communicate effectively in order to gain a better understanding of any challenges that may be associated with the deliverables you are expected to provide.

Notify the appropriate personnel immediately of any malfunction in the machines or any suspicion of a malfunction;
Do not wait until the machine has damaged other components before reporting the problem.
Leaves of absence should not be abused, and you should always make arrangements with your supervisor before taking time off.

Experience and other prerequisites include:

There is no requirement for qualification.
Drivers’ License (Code 08)
Previous Operator Experience or Driving Experience
Requiring a Minimum of One Year
Literacy fundamentals including reading and writing


Previous experience working in an environment related to construction or facilities.
At least one year’s worth of experience working as an Operator or Driver.
Typical requirements for the position
It’s possible that you’ll need to make trips to nearby depots.

Abilities or Skills:

  • Might be required to travel to nearby depots
  • Sustainability
  • Safety
  • Performance and Delivery
  • Relationship Management

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