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Utilities Operator


Utilities Operator (CCB240215-6) – CCBSA Horizontal
Closing Date
Reference Number
Job Title Utilities Operator
Job Category Manufacturing
Company Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa
Job Type Fixed Term (Temporary)
Location – Country South Africa
Location – Province Free State
Location – Town / City Bloemfontein

Description of the Job

An exciting opportunity is currently available in the Manufacturing department at Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa (CCBSA). In order to fill the position of Utilities Operator, which is located in Bloemfontein, we are looking for a skilled and experienced individual who possesses the relevant skills and experience. Plant Engineer will be the person to whom the successful candidate will report directly.

The Primary Aim

The purpose of this position is to provide the Manufacturing division with a technical support service by performing maintenance and troubleshooting tasks on plant equipment in order to fulfill the requirements of the business.

Principal Obligations and Responsibilities

Bring in some hot water.
Find solutions to difficult situations.
Take care of the data sheets.
It is important to keep the working area clean and safe.
Machines need to be maintained and repaired.
Take responsibility for your own growth and performance.
The standards of safety and housekeeping must be maintained.
Initiate quality assurance testing and specifications.
Carry out and ensure that the boiler process is maintained.
In the event that it is necessary, operate the forklift.

Capabilities, Experience, and Education

A minimum of a certification from the Matric
Trade Test in Millwright, Electrical, and Mechanical with a grade of N3 or higher is required.
Have two to three years of relevant technical experience working in the FMCG industry.

In general

Thinking that is analytical:

To conduct an analysis of the connections between events, circumstances, and forces that go beyond what is immediately apparent and to draw conclusions that are insightful on both a micro and a macro level.
Provide evidence that you have an understanding of the interrelationships that exist between different processes and systems, and be able to organize information into a coherent whole.

A Successful Communication:

One’s capacity to articulate oneself articulately in conversations and interactions with other people, as well as the ability to adapt the content of one’s speech to the level and experience of the audience listening to it.

Skills that are both functional and technical:

Has the knowledge and skills necessary to perform the job at a high level of accomplishment, both in terms of its functional and technical aspects

A Management of Processes

Good at figuring out the processes that are required to get things done; knows how to organize people and activities; understands how to separate and combine tasks in order to create an efficient flow of work.

To Solve the Problem:

Make use of rigorous logic and methods in order to solve difficult problems with effective solutions;
Investigates all fruitful sources in search of answers;
Is able to see hidden problems;
Is excellent at honest analysis;
Looks beyond the obvious and does not stop at the first answers.

Making plans:

Having the ability to apply planning skills in order to schedule activities and prioritize resources in order to accomplish a goal is a skill that is essential.

Decision-Making That Is Timely

The ability to make decisions in a timely manner, sometimes with incomplete information and under tight deadlines and pressure; the ability to make a decision quickly.


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