VIP Security Officer Wanted in DBN

BET Software Company

VIP Security Officer – DBN

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
Posted 06 June 2023
Closing Date 30 June 2023
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Job Details
Minimum experience
Entry Level
Company primary industry
Information Technology and Services
Job functional area

Description of the Job We Want You to Have:

A shout out to all of the guardians of the VIP realm!
BET Software is currently on the lookout for an extraordinary VIP Security Officer to become a part of our elite team.
This is the perfect job for you if you have a knack for keeping things secure and a passion for ensuring the highest possible level of safety and protection for others.

You will be the guardian angel of our premises and be responsible for providing a secure environment for our distinguished visitors when you take on the role of a VIP Security Officer. Imagine yourself patrolling the area like a stealthy ninja while keeping a close eye on the surveillance equipment with the precision of a hawk.
You have such keen vision that loss and theft don’t stand a chance against you!

However, that’s not the end of it!
Your superpowers also include the ability to detect even the slightest indication of irregularity or suspicious behavior.
You will act as our very own Sherlock Holmes and report any indications of mayhem or mischief that you find.
Always put your own safety first!

The time has come for you to become a member of the BET Software family if you are prepared to take on the challenge of guarding our most important clients with poise and dexterity.
Send in your application right away, and together we can make security into an art form!
And always keep in mind that with great power comes great responsibility (and perhaps even a nifty cape).

Requirements :

Valid driver’s license (advantageous).
Registered with PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority).

What You’re Going to Do:

Always arrive at the branch 15 minutes before it opens so that the Branch Manager or Senior Team Leader can officially open the location in front of you.
Make it a point to complete a perimeter patrol before the branch actually opens its doors.
Before the branch is opened, conduct a perimeter check to look for any suspicious activity on the premises.
Guard the area around the branch as it is opening or closing, exercising extreme vigilance and staying alert at all times.
After the branch has been opened, you should go on a floor walk to ensure that everything is in working order.

Make sure that all of the observation checks have been finished before the Branch Manager or Senior Team Leader continues with their daily checks.
Make sure that a VIP Officer is always stationed away from the entrance during opening and closing so that they can keep an eye on their coworkers and look out for any potential hazards.
Conduct surveillance both inside and outside of the branch entrance, as well as in the back areas and parking lots.

Check that all of the two-way radios have a full charge before using them in the early morning. Immediately report any equipment that is malfunctioning.
Charge the batteries while you sleep so that they are ready to go when you start your shift in the morning.
Make sure that every two-way radio and panic button is in good working condition and stored in a secure location.
In the event of a crisis, you should always have your panic buttons, two-way radios, and earpieces with you to ensure that communication is maintained and that they are easy to access.

If you are posted in the search zone, you are required to use the scanner to conduct a search of any and all customers who come into the branch, including Team Members.
At the search zone, you should make sure that the branch door and the gate are both closed at all times.
When screening customers who are entering the branch, you should take care not to blur the lines between the genders.

For security reasons, male guests can only be screened by male VIP Officers, while female guests can only be screened by female VIP Officers.
Make sure that a stick is used to search all of the female bags. The hotel does not permit male visitors to bring in their own bags.
Control the number of vehicles entering and leaving the building, as well as the flow of foot traffic, and direct traffic on our premises.
Ensure that foot traffic is unimpeded.
Make sure the procedure for closing up shop at the end of the day is followed to the letter. This includes limiting the number of people who can enter and locking the doors.
Attend meetings of the branch when the Branch Manager notifies you to do so.

Help out with stock receiving, check the alarms, and turn in a daily report first thing in the morning before 10 o’clock.
Provide excellent service to the guests.
Because of your position as a VIP Officer, which places you at the forefront of the company and requires you to interact with guests first, you should strive to leave a favorable impression on them.

Guests should always be greeted, and hosts should always be friendly, helpful, polite, and courteous.
Take an active role in resolving complaints from customers and ensuring that their feedback is conveyed in a way that is both clear and productive.
Always make sure that the culture of the branch is centered around the customers, and make “service with a smile” your guiding principle.
Maintain a positive attitude at all times and show proper courtesy to guests.
When customers leave the branch, you should offer your best wishes for a pleasant evening or night and invite them to return soon.

The People Who Complement Us:

We don’t just hire talented people at BET Software; we also help them develop their skills. Our learning and development programs, the various opportunities for growth that we provide, and the well-deserved incentives that we offer are what keep our All-Star Team at the top of its field among the competition.

Take note that in order for your application to be considered, the candidate must first meet the minimum requirements that have been outlined.

Please consider your application to have been denied if you have not been contacted within the next 30 days regarding its status.


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