VIP ( Security ) Officers ( X5 )


Posted 26 October 2022 – Closing Date 02 November 2022

VIP ( Security ) Officers ( X5 )

Specialty Unit
Least experience
Area Level
Company primary industry
Work functional region

Anticipated set of responsibilities

Hollywoodbets has exciting open opportunities for VIP (Security) Officers (X4) to be based at Richefond Circle in Umhlanga, Durban. VIP (Security) Officers are at risk for laying out and saving a safeguarded environment for people.

This could integrate securing premises by checking surveillance gear or by watching works out. The VIP (Security) Officers expected to prevent incident and robbery and report any irregularities or questionable shows.

Least Necessities:

Grade C.
PC educated.
1 – 2 years term Security experience.
Enrolled with PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority).


Authentic driver’s License.


VIP (Security) Official ought to be accessible 15 minutes before the Branch opens.
Branch Manager or Senior Team leader will open the Branch inside seeing the VIP (Security) Official.
VIP (Security) Official need to ensure they direct a boundary watch before the Branch opens.

VIP (Security) Official need to check nearby for any questionable advancements before the Branch is opened.
VIP (Security) Official ought to be inconceivably careful and alert reliably of their incorporates before the opening and closing of the Branch.
VIP (Security) Official necessities to coordinate a story walk once the Branch is open, to see everything is structure.

VIP (Security) Official should real all discernment checks are done before the Branch Manager or Senior Team Leader happen with their regular checks.
During opening and closing, one VIP (Security) Official ought to be arranged away from the passage, seeing their accomplice and checking for conceivable risk.
Watching should consolidate inside and outside the Branch entrance, back districts and all halting areas.
Ensure every one of the two-way radios are totally stimulated during change and hand over gear assessment.
Charge the batteries present moment with the objective that they are useable all along of your shift.

Ensure all transmission for a crisis reaction and two-way radios are in extraordinary working conditions and keep safely.
VIP (Security) Official ought to convey their transmissions for a crisis reaction, two-way radios and earpieces to ensure open correspondence and clear passage if there should be an occurrence of an emergency.

The VIP (Security) Official that is introduced on the glancing through zone ought to use the scanner to glance through all guest entering the Branch including team people.
Ensure at the glancing through zone the Branch entrance or the entryway is continually kept close.
VIP (Security) Official are not allowed to cross direction look at guest entering the Branch.

Male guest ought to be really taken a look at by male VIP (Security) Official, female guest to be sifted by female VIP (Security) Official.
VIP (Security) Official ought to ensure to glance through female sacks with a stick.

Male guest isn’t allowed to get in with their bags.
VIP (Security) Official is to arrange traffic on our premises and assurance the free movement of individuals walking around and to control the amount of vehicles entering and leaving the construction.

End of day closing procedure, VIP (Security) Official ought to restrict area by sliding close one method for ensuring security of restricting high risk.
VIP (Security) Official ought to go to Branch meeting when informed by the Branch Manager to participate.
VIP (Security) Official ought to help while getting stock, doing alert test and submitting of everyday report every day.
Guest Organization:

First impressions last – VIP (Security) Official are at the actual front of Hollywood.
VIP (Security) Official are the primary involvement in the guest.
Assurance to lay out the association by hi the Guest with “Incredible day, welcome to Hollywood”
Assurance to give extraordinary guest organization by being genial, valuable, aware and obliging reliably.

Steady of successfully address guest complaints and assurance guest analysis is granted doubtlessly in a strong and positive manner.
Make a guest driven culture inside the Branch and drive the perspective of “organization joyfully” reliably.

Assurance to moving toward our guest with respect and have the incredible demeanor reliably.
Right when Guest are leaving the Branch VIP (Security) Official to wish the guest extraordinary evening or incredible night and solicitation that they return again. “Goodbye Sir, compassionately return again.


VIP (Security) Official ought to ensure they are wearing full Amadoda uniform with their name IDs before the beginning of their shift. (Dull shoes, dim socks and white vet so to speak).
Check all individuals entering the premises including team people.
Be insightful of guest leaving the Branch, recognize accepting they entered the Branch with something you saw and are leaving without that thing.

No packs are allowed inside the premises.
No Weapons or Guns are allowed into the premises (other than on an authority cop).
No individual more youthful than 18 is allowed into the premises.
If you are dealing with an irksome client, contact your accomplices and press the sign for a crisis reaction before the situation raises insane.

In Branches with no liquor grant, no alcohol is allowed anyplace close by.
Credit bets are not allowed to be taken by any team part.
VIP (Security) Officers working are not allowed to take bets with Amadoda uniform.
VIP (Security) Officers working are not allowed to utilize the Confined pay out machine.

Administering set of rules:

While hands on you will not sit or unwind, use your cell or eat.
No smoking at work.
You won’t report for commitment impacted by alcohol.
You won’t leave your post.

This could incite disciplinary action against you.
You are not allowed to rest working. This will incite disciplinary action against you.
You will not have loosened up conversations with sidekicks or other team people while at your post.
You will not recognize tips from the guest.


Successfully advance the Hollywood characteristics.
Experience the characteristics and lead as an outline to the team.


VIP (Security) Official ought to report their non-participation to the Branch Manager or Senior Team Leader 2 hours before their shift begins.
Ought to have the choice to work in a turning development or work versatile hours.
Ensure your genuine wellbeing is gotten reliably as per the work essentials.


Extraordinary correspondence and Social capacities.
Astounding arrangement, various leveled and time utilization capacities.
Incredible business instinct and high upright work rules.
Ability to perform different assignments and exhibit energy reliably.
Ability to work under strain in any case produce extraordinary quality results fortunately.

Compassionately be provoked that fundamental up-and-comers who meet the predefined least necessities will be considered.


VIP ( Security ) Officers ( X4 ) – Umhlanga

Umhlanga, KwaZulu-Natal

Full Time Contract

VIP(Security) Officer X1

Alberton, Gauteng

Full Time Contract

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