X13 Library Job Opportunities [Min.Grade 8]


Annual salary is R261 372 per annum an all-inclusive remuneration.

Center: Nelson Mandela District (Public Library of Colchester ) Ref no: DSRAC 05/17/2022 (x1 post ) Nelson Mandela District Kuyga Library ) Ref no: DSRAC 05/18/2022 (x1 post ) Joe Gqabi District (Eureka Library ) Ref no: DSRAC 05/19/2022 (x1 post ) Joe Gqabi District (Alwal North Public Library ) Ref no: DSRAC 05/20/2022 (X1) Position) O Tambo District (PSJ -Thombo Modular Library ) Ref no: dsrac 05/21/2022 (x1 post ) Or the Tambo district (Bazindlovu Modular Library -mqanduli ) Ref no: Dsrac 05/22/2022 (x1 post ) Amathole District (Nomaka Mbeki Library ) Ref no: DSRAC 05/23/2022 (X1) Position)

Requirements: National Advanced Certificate and Bibl. Library/ B information title technology Library research and information /national graduation certificate (level NQF 6 ) or Equivalent research with at least 1-2 years of practical experience in the library And information service field. Public Service Law, knowledge about politics And recipe. The basic knowledge of the library and information science is important. Rules and laws. Procedure and process. Good computers, organization, communication, report skills, excellent people and interpersonal relationships. Healthy knowledge of interested parties. Valid code 08 driver’s license.

Duty: We provide library materials to the community/public library. Improve the campaign to improve consciousness, the dissemination program and the promotion library is used for all district communities. Implement all stock control all the materials of the related library library. Selection and processing of the Library Delivery to the Library. We will make monitoring visits to public libraries District. Director of the Deposit District/Personnel. I analyze the user From the Public Library. Edition and Mensual Integration Statistics and user reports.

Consultas: Sarah bartman: V. KEKETELLOL No: 043 492 0223. Erecruitment Technical Consulties: [email protected] D. alh, Erection technology Consultations: [email protected] Nelson Mandela: A: A. Dyalvana Tel No: 0414921230. Consultations: rowen disabilities that meet the requirements.

2. Library Assistant (X3 Publications)

SALARY: R176 310 years (level 05 ), Integral reward Center: Chris District Reference number: DSRAC 05/28/2022 Joe Gqabi (Tsitsana Library ) Ref no: DSRAC 05/29/2022 ALFRED NZO DISTRICT (MONTE FRIGTER LIBRARY ) REF NO: DSRAC 05/30/2022


AN ADVANCED NATIONAL CERTIFICATE WITHOUT EXPERIENCE. The national graduation certificate of the Information Research (NQF level 6 ) library is an additional advantage. Good at least two (2 ) Official Language Commands. Knowledge of the library system related government standards. Computer literacy. Good words and writing skills. Obligation: Perform all distribution operations in the library. Participate in the library and update membership. Support the shelves and circulation of all the materials of the library. The reference consultation raised by members of the Public Library and Liners members participated. Maintain good public relations with the neighborhood and the community. Participate meeting if necessary. Edit library statistics. Support for the improvement of consciousness to organize and participate in the (Defense and Marketing ) program. Support information about the structure of the library. The person in charge of the orientation and children’s programs support the management of the Donation Library, include tic and mini-liber services that execute all distribution operations and other programs in the library.


Chris Hani: X. Kwanini at 066 071 6200. Technical Technical erection: [email protected] D. Ndzongwana Tel No: 051 492 4757. Erection Technical Consultation: [email protected] M. GUGWANA TEL NO: 0394920297. [email protected] Note: Priority is given to those with disabilities that meet the requirements.

3. Cleaner (X3 Posts )

Salary: R104 Annual 073 (Level 02 ), Integral Rewards Center: Sam 05/2022 Burgersdorp Museum Ref no: DSRAC 36/05/2022


Grade 8 or ABET qualification. Excellent interpersonal skills. Good Verbal communication skills. Motivation.


provide a cleaning service. Corridor runner, elevator and conference room: office and wax furniture. Sweep, scrub and wax floor. Floor and shampoo vacuum. Wall, window and door cleaning. Clean the ground and clean container. Collect and remove waste paper. Make the office area fresh. Clean the general kitchen: cleaning the bottle. Wash and store the kitchen kitchen utensils. Cleaning of the cleaning room: replacement handwashing liquid soap. Replace the toilet paper, the hand towel and update. Sky and Cleaning Bottle. Maintain and maintain cleaning materials and equipment. Inform broken cleaning materials and equipment. Cleaning Machine (microwave, vacuum, etc.) and after use.


Amathole: S. Cakata at 061 419 4142. Erection Technical interction: [email protected] Burgersdorp: D. Ndzongwana 051 492 4757.

Erection technology Consultations: [email protected] Sama Set: V. Ketelo Tel No: 0424920223. [email protected] Note: Priority is given to those with disabilities that meet the requirements.

Application Form: Applicants recommend using available recruitment systems https://erecruitment.ecotp.gov.za. The requests received after the completion date are not considered. Fax applications are not accepted.

Applied Instructions: The system closes at 23:59 on the deadline ; But technical support is limited to working hours: (08: 00-16: 30 from Monday to Thursday Friday 08: 00-16: 00). The applicant must register for electronic compensation system, complete and send the necessary information, and request the position following link http://www.ecprov.gov.za. Increase.

Post headquarters: Senior Manager: HRM, Sports Division, Recreation, Art and Culture, Private Bag X0020, Bisho, 5605, Hand delivery 5 Eales Street, Wilton Zimasile Mkwayi Building, King Williams Town, 5605. Inquiries Y. DLAMKILE TEL NO: 043 492 1386 or SRA. R. SWARTBOOOI TEL: 043 492 0949

Amathole Museum: Museum Director, Museo Amathole, Museo Amathole, PRIVADO Bags King WiLLIAMS TOWN, 5601. Consultations Mr. F. Kigozi Tel No: 081 268 3501 /061 419 4142 Buffalo Shitening Metro District: Postcard: Senior Manager, Sports, Art and Culture Recreation, Private Bag X9030, East Rondon 5200 O -Handy: 16 Commissioner. Street, Old Elcobill, East London 5201. Consultations Mrs. L. Xoseka Tel No: 043 492 2140

Amathole District: Collaborator: Director of Sports Manager Senior, Recreation and Culture Arts, Private Bag x9030 5200 or Hand Delivery: No 16 Commister Street, Old Elco Building, East London, 5201. Consultations B MBANGATHA TEL NO: 043 492 1838 CHRIS HANI DISTRICT: Mail: Director of Sports Manager Senior, Recreation and Culture Arts, Culture, Private Bag, 5320 O 5320 Consultations X. Kwanini at 066 071 6200 Joe Gqabi District: Contrabador: Senior Manager: Sports Division, Recreation, Art and Culture, Private Bag X1010, Allywar North, 9750,


No. 02 Cole Street, Aliwal North. Note D. Ndzongwana Tel No: 051 492 4757 Sarah Bartman District: Collaborator: Senior Manager: Sports Division, Recreation, Art and Culture, Private Bag x1003, Grahams Town, 6140 O Handing Corner Africa, Milner Street, Grahams Village. Note Mr. V Ketero Tel No: 046 492 0223 Alfred NZO District: Contributor: Senior Manager: Sports Division, Recreation, Art and Culture X531, Mt Ayliff, 5100 or Hand Delivery: 67 Mount Church Number of Monte Arly Arylif. Attention, boot building SGCau, Corner Ries and Owen Street, Umtata. ATTENTION S. STUMA TEL NO: 047 495 0853 / 073 322 9654 NELSON MANDELA DISTRICT: COLLABORATOR: SENIOR MANAGER: SPORTS DIVISION, RECREATION, ART AND CULTURE, PRIVATE BAG X6003, PORT ELIZABETH, 6003 O FLOOR-66 -66, Ring Road, Green Ax, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth. CAUTION S. Javu Tel No: 041 492 1231/1230 Bayworld Museum: Collaborator: Sports Division, Sports Division, Recreation, Art and Culture X6003, Port Elizabeth, 6003 or Hands, Green Ax, Newton Park, Port Elizabeth. Precautions Mr. L. Mini: 041 584 0650 Deadline: June 20 @16h00

Note: Instructions to the applicant: The application form must be sent by the official completion Public Service Division or www.dpsa.gov. ZA/DOCUMENTS INTERNET

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