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Ref: 111813

Shutting Date: 31 August 2022

Organization Structure No: 80044471, 80044472, 80044473, 80044474

OME: Energy Operations

Specialty Unit: Energy Ops – Regional Ops and Asset Services

City/Town: Secunda

Short Description/Purpose of Job

Make and update drawings as indicated by focused determinations and red lined data.

Redraw non electronic drawings to the applicable designing stage. for example Printed copy, hand sketch, altercations and pdf designs.

Convert existing CAD drawings to astute information base innovation

Use free innovation to accomplish figuring out

Enlistment Description/Key Accountabilities

Business Results:

Guarantee that work norms are met by amount and due dates

Organization values and objectives: upheld/lived

Accomplishing conveyance targets (for example tons, items, administrations; BU and Discipline Specific)

Guarantees that self and group meet focuses, due dates and quality norms

Guarantee that work norms are satisfied by quality guidelines and consistence

Quality Results (Agreed guidelines/consistence)

Compelling asset use and guarantee consistence to draughting principles for Sasol

Enhances and control assets successfully

Play out all errands cost deliberately

Freely assemble data and information collection

Accomplish security and chance targets

Apply security in all practices, explicitly project arranging and execution

Exhibit wellbeing cognizance consistently

Conveyance on targets

Guarantee draughting administration conform to SHER targets

Mindfulness, concentration and control of cost/spending plan

Authority and Values:

Figure out the organization vision and values

Exhibit the ideal ways of behaving in concurrence with the Sasol Values

Work on own abilities and information

Take proprietorship for individual improvement and abilities advancement

Information on different kinds Mechanical valves (for example in door valve, PSVs pressure wellbeing valves; ball valve,butterfly valve, and so on);
Consistence to the MOC (Management of Change) process for e.g changes to existing plant and equipment;
Use of and adherence to RCA (Root Cause Analysis) techniques;
A viable comprehension of dangerous region characterizations;
QA/QC (Quality Assurance/Quality Certification) encounters areas of strength for a;

Guarantee that self-awareness plan is finished, carried out and followed

Apply the opportunity for growth at work

Organization values and objectives: upheld/lived

Concur and survey individual execution objectives and the accomplishment thereof

Set and work towards own exhibition targets and objectives according to individual execution understanding

Update execution objectives and execution understanding routinely

Guarantee work is finished according to plan

Deal with own work arranging and conveyance as per targets

Survey consistence and keep facing the guidelines and goals

Sticks to standard methods and practices with direction

Resolve work deterrents and issues emphatically and rapidly

Foster reasonable specialized proposition in view of down to earth and hypothetical information

Connections, Teamwork and Collaboration:

Fabricate client connections to grasp their necessities

Shows great comprehension of client needs

Project a positive picture of the division

Create and keep up with compelling working associations with directors and companions

Fabricate viable organizations with group to guarantee elite execution
Give specialized info or guidance to multi-disciplinary task groups

Show viable tuning in and relational abilities while managing associates

Work on present approach to taking care of business by ceaselessly getting clarification on pressing issues

Distinguish improvement amazing open doors

Offer and execute novel thoughts in regards to work Coordinate all study and arranging draughting exercises for Sasol

Formal Education

Post School Tertiary Diploma Draughting (South Africa/Eurasia)

Min Experience

2+ important years

Confirmation and Professional Membership



Business Acumen: An instinctive and relevant comprehension of how an organization or unit brings in cash. Shows a careful comprehension of what drives productivity. Keeps a market-centered way to deal with business. Keeps a generally higher perspective comprehension of the business and its interrelationships empowering an individual to go with better business choices. The capacity to pursue great business decisions and fast choices in a way that is probably going to prompt a decent result.

Consistence: Understanding the principles, guidelines, sanctions and other legal prerequisites, rules and directions connecting with overseeing bodies and associations, both inside and remotely.

Consistent Process Improvement: The procedure followed for expanding the viability or potentially effectiveness of a business interaction, frequently through robotization.

Client Focus: A proceeding with center around the necessities and prerequisites of clients and clients, expecting their requirements, staying delicate to clients while performing administrations for them, receptive to client needs.

Critical thinking: Is a bit by bit course of characterizing an issue, looking for data, and testing a progression of arrangements until the issue is tackled. In includes decisive reasoning, examination and constancy.

Educated: Knowledge of the Information Technology Industry including patterns, arising innovation, best practices, contest, guidelines, and regulation.

Composed Communications: Sending of messages, requests or directions recorded as a hard copy through letters, booklets, manuals, reports, wires, office reminders, releases, and so forth. It is a proper strategy for correspondence and is less adaptable

Note: Failure to give Sasol honest data and substantial reports will deliver your application invalid and void.


See Page 2: Snr Draughtperson (Secunda) x 9

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