X37 Operator- Caps Plant (D7 and D20) Job Opportunities at Sasol

Operator – Caps Plant
(D7) x18 and (D20) x19 (Non – Permanent)


The deadline is February 17th, 2023.
Energy Business Activities
Business Unit:
Energy Ops – Sasolburg & Ekandustria Ops
Category of Roles:

Operator – Caps Plant Description and Its Goals

The hand installation of delay detonators that do not use electricity

Operator – Caps Plant Key Responsibilities

Put together the various products in accordance with the requirements listed on the lot traveller. Ability required across the board on all of the various assembly machines (shell loader, PETN charger and press, Lead Azide charger and press, Element press, pack out press, Iso cup plating and Packer, DIB press, Delay plating, CD transferring and inspection).
Perform quality tests on the assembled items to ensure that all units fulfill the standards that have been set by the customer.

Carry out an inventory check of all of the raw materials located in the production area.
Taking a sample of the debts in order to time test and x-ray verify them.
Upkeep and organization of general areas within the plant
Perform measurements of the criteria utilizing the appropriate measuring tools, and record your findings on the lot traveller.

Make any necessary adjustments to the configurations of the apparatus or machine so that they correspond with the particular product specifications shown on the lot traveller.
When loading and unloading at equipment, proper handling of live Lead Azide and PETN is required.
Before beginning the regularly planned maintenance, check to see that all of the machines and equipment are spotless and free of any pyrotechnic powder and explosives (bi-weekly).

During maintenance, removing and replacing the PETN press, CD press, and Element press. Also changing the inspection pins.
Daily maintenance involving the removal and replacement of CD insertion and LA press pins.
Graphite manipulation during the charge plate preparation process so that it may be used in production.
Additional requirements: Applicants must be able to work full shifts and overtime when necessary.

Operator – Caps Plant Education at an Institution

Math and science courses equivalent to a high school diploma are required.

Operator – Caps Plant Min Experience

Experience in Explosives manufacture (Wish)

Operator – Caps Plant Competencies

Collaboration is the process of working together with another person to create something.

Understanding the rules, regulations, sanctions, and other statutory requirements, guidelines, and instructions that relate to governing bodies and organizations, both internally and externally, is an essential part of compliance.

Execution capability is the fundamental capacity to carry out a strategy, project, or work-related activity on a day-to-day basis.

Problem-solving is an iterative process that involves defining a problem, looking for relevant information, and trying out a number of possible solutions until the problem is solved. It takes persistence, as well as the ability to think analytically and critically.

Self-Mastery is the process of taking charge of and actively advancing one’s own personal growth through the cultivation of a more introspective and reflective outlook, the active pursuit of constructive feedback, and the application of learned corrections.


Operator – Caps Plant (D7) x18

Operator – Caps Plant (D20) x19

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