Adendorff Machinery Mart Sales Consultant Job

Adendorff Machinery Mart

Sales Consultant

Johannesburg South, Gauteng
Posted 18 August 2023
Closing Date 17 September 2023

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Job Details
Loc 2 Aeroton Sales
Minimum experience
Company primary industry
Job functional area

The purpose of the Vacancy :

Is to outline the responsibilities and duties associated with a particular position within an organization. It provides a comprehensive overview

An exceptional opportunity has arisen for an ambitious individual seeking a prosperous career in the field of Tools and Machinery sales at our Aeroton Branch.
The preferred candidate will possess qualities such as self-assurance, dependability, integrity, and the ability to collaborate effectively within a team setting.

The ideal candidate for our environment possesses a robust work ethic, adept practical problem-solving skills, and a strong technical aptitude.
We prioritize individuals who exhibit confidence and possess the ability to contribute to our sales team, while also being responsible for fulfilling additional assigned responsibilities.

Our primary objective is to provide outstanding service by effectively addressing the unique requirements of our clients in a complex and demanding setting.

The duties and obligations that one is expected to fulfill in a particular role or position :

Sales generation is a critical factor in achieving strategic growth objectives.
Customer care in alignment with organizational standards;
It is imperative to adhere to all instructions in accordance with the established branch procedures.
Achieving optimal sales performance through effective leadership and management.
Enhance the company’s reputation by delivering exceptional customer service of superior quality.
Maintenance and upkeep of the branch facility;
The Importance of Product Knowledge and Self Development in Professional Growth

Continuous personal improvement refers to the ongoing process of enhancing one’s skills, knowledge, and abilities in order to achieve personal growth and development. It involves a commitment to self-ref
Enhancing comprehensive product knowledge within the branch and minimizing stock losses.

Preferred Experience and Qualifications

The Senior Certificate, also known as Grade 12, refers to the final year of secondary education.
A period of two to three years of employment in a sales or senior sales role within a technical organization.
Possession of a valid driver’s license and personal vehicle.

Compensation and Benefits Package

The salary offered is determined by market factors and is subject to negotiation, taking into account the individual’s current level of experience. Additionally, there may be additional benefits such as a Provident fund.

Regarding the organization in question

Adendorff Machinery Mart is a prominent entity in the domain of tool and machinery retail and sales.
We procure a wide variety of equipment, including tools and machinery, from global sources in order to provide an extensive product selection at competitive prices.

Adendorff Machinery Mart places great emphasis on establishing a robust staffing team through the utilization of Organizational Development & Training.
This approach is renowned for its aptitude in comprehending, conceptualizing, and executing comprehensive solutions.
Moreover, it aims to foster enduring, proficient, and enduring relationships with customers while aiding in the cultivation of well-rounded personnel across all facets of business.

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