AVI Limited Has an Open Post For a Barista , Matric Wanted

AVI Limited


Johannesburg, Gauteng
Closing Date 11 June 2024
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Job Details

Minimum experience
Entry Level
Company primary industry
Consumer Goods
Job functional area

Description of the Job

CIRO, which stands for the Coffee Importers and Roasters Organisation, is a genuine coffee emporium organization.
CIRO is the go-to one-stop solution because it provides expert services in a variety of areas, including sourcing, roasting, blending, packaging, training, equipment, technical support, national and international distribution, and analysis of market trends.

CIRO is a notable front-runner within the coffee service industry and is renowned for consistent quality, innovative product formats, and extra value offering.
It is easy to understand why CIRO is a front-runner in this industry because it is the largest manufacturer of pure coffee in South Africa.

Here at CIRO in Bryanston, there is a fantastic opportunity for a barista to join their team.
Manager of the National Customer Service Department, Line Manager

Principal Areas of Performance:

When a guest enters through the coffee bar or reception area, it is your responsibility to greet them and serve them.
This is especially important for guests who are reporting to reception.
Always maintain an atmosphere that is upbeat, light, and filled with a passion for coffee.
At the moment that a customer enters the area of the coffee bar, you are required to turn around, make eye contact with the customer, and greet them by asking for their drink order.

You should never return to the customer.
Always make sure that all of the equipment is ready to be used.
Make certain that each and every beverage is served in accordance with the procedures that have been specified for each drink.
Check and maintain the equipment on a weekly basis to ensure its proper functioning.

Regular cleaning and maintenance are performed on the machines that produce juice and smoothies.
Always ensure that the counter for guests is free of any dirty items, such as cups, cloths, trays, sugar sachets, and so on.
To clean the counter for guests.
Always make sure that the tables in the coffee shop for guests are clean.
Always make sure that the counter where beverages are prepared is always clean.
The washing basin should not contain any dirty dishes for more than five minutes at a time.

Ensure that the cutlery and crockery are replenished within a half an hour.
It is imperative that the floors are devoid of any large waste items, such as paper, sugar sachets, or stirrers.
When it is absolutely necessary, clean out the trash can twice a day.
There ought to be no clutter from the technician team.
Control of the Product and the Equipment

It is imperative that there is an adequate supply of product available at all times in the coffee bar.
In order for the product to arrive on time, it is imperative that the Coffee Bar orders it in a timely manner.
A daily inventory of the products and equipment should be taken at 15:30.
Keeping Good Records

Maintain a record of all product orders;
The Coffee Bar will be implementing a system to make this possible.
Maintain a record of each and every beverage that is served in the Coffee Bar.

Competencies and previous work experience:

Previous experience working as a barista or in a role that is comparable
A practical understanding of the brewing apparatus available

Abilities such as:

Understanding others
Taking care of the specifics
Keeping one’s composure
Preserving operational efficiency
Have confidence in yourself.
Recovering from failures and obstacles


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