Department of Health Seeking x3 Tunnel Operators, Earning R12 929 p.m

Tunnel Operator x3

Location : Masakhane Provincial Laundry & Cook Freeze Factory
Closing Date : 05-07-2024

Reference Number : refs/020769
Directorate : Laundry Services
Number of Posts : 3
Package : R 155 148.00 per annum, (plus benefits)
Enquiries : Mr. AL Mokgetle 012-564 6300

Requirements :

NQF Level 3 or Grade 11 or equivalent qualification.
With 3-5 years of laundry worker or related experience in a laundry hospital or factory setting.


Working procedure in relation to the laundry industrial machine operator working environment, which encompasses a restricted range of equipment handling.


Organizing and Planning, Basic literacy, numeracy, good communication, sound human relations, the ability to perform routine tasks, and basic interpersonal relationships.
Possess the capacity to communicate with stakeholders.
Be willing to work under pressure and possess the ability to collaborate with others.
Be prepared to work shifts and rotate.
Be prepared to engage in physical labor (heavy duty).
Protective clothing is mandatory for employees.


Before operating the Tunnel Machine, verify that the water level, air pressure, and steam supply are accurate.
Cleaning, loading, and monitoring of the conveyer belt, as well as the cleaning of tumble dryers and their surroundings.
Soil linen loading.
Main loading scale.

The clean linen is monitored and released from the dryers before being delivered to the next working point.
Tunnel washer unblocking.
Assume responsibility for all resources that have been allocated.
The tunnel washer is supplied with detergents and liquid soap, and the performance of the pumps is constantly monitored.
Reporting any disturbance or malfunction of the tunnel machine, as well as the completion of work orders.


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