03 April 2023 at 16h00.
Applications received after the closing date will not be considered.
“REF NO: SO” (12 Months Contract)
The annual salary will be R128 166.


Basic Security Officer’s course
Basic Education and Training (NQF level 3), and a Valid PSIRA Certificate are all required for this position.

SECURITY OFFICER Added advantage:

High school diploma or equivalent and a valid PSIRA Grade C certificate.
A familiarity with the policies and procedures for access control, as well as the controls and procedures for the movement of equipment and stores.
A familiarity with the security protocols that have been prescribed (for example, the MISS, the Access Control Act, the Protection of Information Act, etc.) as well as the authority that security officers have according to these documents.
A familiarity with the appropriate protocols to follow in an emergency.

SECURITY OFFICER Possess the following competencies:

Written and verbal communication, good telephone etiquette, interpersonal skills, attention to detail, customer service, surveillance skills, and honesty and integrity.
You must be willing to work rotating shifts and long hours.


Perform access control, which may include but is not limited to the following tasks:
(Complete or ensure that the admission control register is controlled and issue control documents/cards as required;
Escort visitors to the relevant employee/venues where required;
Identify suspicious behavior and follow up on incidents, etc.);
Conduct building and premises patrols in order to locate and examine any packages or objects that appear to be suspicious.

Observe and act in response to the alarm system
Conduct inspections of vehicles coming into and leaving the premises to guarantee that none of the department’s equipment, stores, or other assets are removed from the building or premises without authorization.
Documents must be handled at the point of entry in accordance with their classification and any prescripts, and any incidents must be recorded in the occurrence book or registers.
Put emergency procedures into action (in scenarios such as bomb scares, riots, and so on), and notify the management of the emergency and services department.

Control room responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following tasks: monitoring all movements, events, and activities within the department’s premises using CCTV equipment; monitoring all access points for effective access control; etc.


Please direct all inquiries regarding the advertised positions to the recruitment office at the following telephone number: (012) 394-5286/3097.


Candidates are required to send their applications to [email protected] and include the reference number for the aforementioned position in the subject line (email) of their application. For example:
Candidates are required to include the reference number for the aforementioned position in the subject line (email) of their application. “REF NO: SO”

Tips on completing the Z83 Government Application Form



In order to be considered, your application must include both a recent comprehensive CV and a Z83 form that has been completely filled out, as well as the relevant reference number.
Only candidates who have been selected for further consideration will be allowed to submit copies of their qualifications, identity documents, and any other pertinent documents.
When candidates who are not citizens of South Africa are shortlisted, they will each be required to provide evidence that they have a permanent residence in South Africa.

During the selection process, checks on the candidates’ suitability as employees will be carried out. It’s possible that potential employees will need to provide consent before access is granted to their social media accounts. (1) a technical exercise, and (2) a generic managerial competency assessment will be given to all of the candidates who have been shortlisted for the SMS and/or MMS (MMS is optional) positions.
Only those candidates who make the final cut will be contacted for further consideration.

Please understand that your application was not successful if you have not been contacted within one month of the closing date of this advertisement and you were applying for a job.
The Department of Small Business Development is dedicated to the promotion of diversity and the resolution of historical wrongs.
Preference will be given to candidates whose appointment will promote representivity in terms of race, disability, youth, and gender (as per the DSBD EE Plan).

The successful candidate will be required to sign a performance agreement within three months of their appointment, as well as complete a financial interest’s declaration form within one month of their appointment, and annually thereafter.
Additionally, the successful candidate will be required to sign a performance agreement within three months of their appointment.
The Department of Defense retains the right to either not fill any advertised post or to eliminate that post entirely.

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