Hyundai is Seeking Driver With At-least One Year Experience

Driver (Hyundai Fourways)


Closing Date
Reference Number
Job Title Driver (Hyundai Fourways)
Branch/Department Hyundai Fourways
Job Type Classification Permanent
Location – Town / City Johannesburg
Location – Province/Area Gauteng
Location – Country South Africa

Description of the Job

It is going to be the driver’s duty to make certain that the delivery and collection of customers or parts are carried out in a manner that is professional.
To comply with all of the regulations governing road traffic at all times.
To inspect and clean company vehicles, as well as to report any damage that may occur.
Documents that are frequently delivered to distributors and suppliers in general.

*Please take note that equity candidates will be given preference in accordance with our goals and targets regarding the hiring process.

Specific Duties and Obligations of the Role

  • When asked to provide transportation for customers, assist service advisors and receptionists in providing transportation for customers.
  • When necessary, provide assistance to the end controller in carrying out his duties, which may include the movement of vehicles into and out of the inspection area.
  • Please move vehicles into and out of the wash bays as necessary.
  • Carshop ldv and/or Mobi-jack should be used to recover vehicles that have broken down in accordance with the foreman’s instructions.
  • Record the exact number of kilometers traveled by the vehicle on each and every journey in the log book that is provided.
  • Notify the foreman of any problems that are discovered on the mobile jack or the vehicle that has broken down. It is imperative that vehicles are driven in a manner that is both safe and courteous.
  • Contact the workshop foreman in the event of any accidents.
  • Be responsible for performing additional duties that are reasonable from time to time and at the discretion of management.
  • Help clean customer vehicles and vehicles that have broken down in the wash bay.

Competencies and previous work experience

  • One to two years of experience working as a driver in the corporate sector
  • A driver’s license that is still valid (Code 08)

Competencies and Personal Characteristics

High levels of communication ability.
Having strong interpersonal skills.


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