If You have Grade 12, Apply for Financial Adviser Posts at Liberty ECM In All Provinces

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Financial Adviser Posts

Job Details

Emerging Consumer Markets
Minimum experience
Entry Level
Company primary industry
Job functional area

Description of the Job and Overview of the Position

It takes an individual who is self-assured, goal-oriented, and open to new opportunities in order to provide clients with financial solutions and benefits and, ultimately, to grow the company.
The successful candidate for this position will be able to effectively analyze the requirements of a client and offer guidance on appropriate solutions selected from a predetermined set of benefits.

Goals of the Position:

To effectively manage the long-term relationship that exists between Liberty@Work and the client, not only in order to fulfill the ever-changing requirements of the client but also to establish Liberty as the industry leader and improve the organization’s standing in the community.
Determine the various ways in which you can contribute to the expansion of the organization.

To guarantee that you are in compliance, you must abide by the policies, procedures, and legislative requirements.
Maintain ongoing reviews of client portfolios to reevaluate their requirements, provide clients with valuable recommendations, and add to their overall satisfaction.
Maintaining a level of knowledge and expertise that is current with products, the market, and overall industry trends is essential.
Carry out reporting in order to keep the company informed of its progress.


Risk of fraud on the company’s internal operations in order to maintain compliance with relevant policies and laws.


Clients, which may include (but are not limited to) government departments, work sites, individuals, and lower- to middle-market segments.

Role Requirements:

Laptop (essential)


  • Grade 12 (essential)
  • FAIS recognized qualification within 6 years of DOFA

Abilities in the Techniques:

A familiarity with the business and its current financial standings.
A solid comprehension of the state of the market as well as its trends.
Observance of all internal and external, legislative, and procedural guidelines.
Service to customers that is ongoing in order to maintain existing relationships.
The ability to present oneself effectively while taking part in formal and informal engagements.


Strong knowledge of the sector to demonstrate a broad awareness of current trends and potential dangers.
Excellent knowledge of the financial industry in order to provide solutions that are tailored to the specific requirements of each individual customer.


Experience in both face-to-face and over-the-phone sales is desirable.
Competencies in Behavioural Acts

Communication Via Both Verbal and Written Means

Capable of fluently expressing ideas by speaking clearly and articulating oneself in one’s own words.
Displays self-assurance when speaking, thereby enhancing credibility and creating a favorable first impression.
Reacts appropriately to the circumstances and communicates effectively in response to being prompted to do so.
Writing in a way that is concise, clear, and correct also contributes to the fluency with which ideas can be expressed verbally.
Eschews the use of jargon or language that is unnecessarily complex, writes in a way that is well-structured and logical, and organizes the information to meet the requirements and facilitate the understanding of the audience for whom it is intended.


Integrity can be displayed by maintaining adherence to both ethics and values.
Sincere, dependable, and trustworthy, as well as upholding a high standard of morality.
Avoid doing anything that could put the organization’s integrity at risk, such as acting in a way that is deviant or that could put the organization’s integrity at risk.

Interpersonal Skills

generally being able to get along with the majority of people. Capable of engaging in skillful interaction with other people while maintaining comfort.
Capable of effectively managing conflict while still demonstrating respect for others and actively listening to the perspectives of those around them while remaining assertive.


Resilience and the ability to tolerate stress

Capable of working effectively under pressure and maintaining resilience in the face of obstacles, demands, or challenges.
Despite challenging circumstances, the individual keeps a positive attitude at work and effectively manages their emotions.


Being adaptable, whether to shifting conditions, fresh concepts, or new people requires flexibility. Maintains a positive attitude in the face of ambiguity and change, and demonstrates a desire to try new things.

Motivation and a Dedicated Attitude

Result-oriented and likely to approach challenging goals with a positive attitude and a strong desire to succeed.
Will make a concerted effort to realize objectives, as well as eliminate any roadblocks that stand in the way of the successful realization of objectives.
Clearly demonstrates a commitment to the objectives of the role, the department, and the organization as a whole.


Convinces others to give one’s full agreement and commitment through the use of negotiation, persuasion, and other communication skills.
Capable of promoting ideas on behalf of oneself or others to gain buy-in, while simultaneously making a strong personal impact and a positive impression on others.

Client Centricity

centered on the wants and needs of the customer and their satisfaction.
Demonstrates an effort to comprehend the requirements of the customer and continually delivers in accordance with the agreements made.
Always put the needs of the customer first, and if their expectations are unrealistic, adjust them accordingly.

Observing the Detailed Instructions and Step-by-Step Procedures

Follows the instructions given by others in the appropriate manner without making unwarranted challenges to authority.
Maintains adherence to schedules while also following policies and procedures.
Displays a commitment to compliance by arriving on time for work and meetings and maintaining punctuality.

The Capacity for Learning

Capable of quickly grasping tasks as well as information and displaying an immediate understanding of said information.
Effectively applies the information to work-related situations or challenges in a manner that is appropriate for the situation.

Planning and Organizing

Capable of effectively planning one’s own work as well as the work of others by establishing objectives that are clearly defined, planning activities and projects in advance, and taking into account the possibility that circumstances may change.
This includes locating and effectively managing the appropriate resources that are required to carry out specific tasks.

Establishment of Relationships

Establishing positive connections with others comes naturally to them, and they are able to connect with individuals working at all levels of an organization.
Capable of constructing extensive and productive networks of contacts to advance work objectives;
Brings warmth to relationships with other people.

Business Acumen

demonstrates an understanding of the practices involved in business management.
Aware of the latest market trends, commercial information, and business opportunities, including a financial awareness.


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Posted 15 May 2023

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