Job Applications For X9 General Worker at Motus Aftermarket Parts

Motus Aftermarket Parts

Job Applications For X9 General Worker

Job Details

Minimum experience
Entry Level
Company primary industry
Job functional area
EE Status
Only open to EE candidates

Job Description

Alert Engine Parts is looking to add an X9 General Worker to their team at their locations in Johannesburg, and Rustenburg they have posted the position online.
The ideal candidate will be responsible for tasks such as taking inventory, picking items from shelves, rearranging inventory, and ensuring that the work area is clean at all times.


Grade 12, Literacy and Numeracy equivalent
At least three years of experience working in a warehouse or other environment related to logistics is preferred.
Knowledge of spares, motors, and engines, as well as warehouse management systems and procedures
Must possess skills in numeracy and literacy.
Must be accurate, focused, and attentive to detail.

Must be efficient and accurate.
Independently driven and eager to go the extra mile for the team
Participation on teams is required.
In good physical shape
Be truthful and act with integrity.
Key Performance Indicators for a clean criminal record include, but are not limited.

Ensure that the binning of incoming goods and the inventory replenishment from bulk to pick locations are carried out in accordance with the standard operating procedures and requirements.
Make sure that new products are placed with the appropriate bin location numbers in the appropriate area of the warehouse.
Make sure that the bins are kept up to date and that your superior is informed of the stock that has been moved to new bin locations.
Contribute to the functioning of replenishment
See to it that all incoming goods are received and inspected in accordance with the company’s criteria.


Make sure that orders from both customers and branches are being picked in a timely manner in order to meet the order cut off times.
Make sure that picking from bulk locations is only done as an alternative bin when stock is depleted and not replenished in the picking phase, or when picking bulk orders, in order to prevent the breakage of pack sizes.
You are obligated to carry out any and all reasonable and legal instructions pertaining to the work that have been given to you by your superior.

Ensure that all pertinent procedures are followed in order to maximize effective customer satisfaction.
Participate in the processes of taking stock.
Make sure that daily housekeeping is done.
Make sure that you perform double checks in order to keep the level of customer satisfaction at a high level and to avoid losing inventory.
Ensure that the predetermined operational standards are met on a consistent basis.

Scanner Control

Distribute scanners on a daily basis to all operators.
Make reservations for scanners using the mobile app.
Receive scanners that have been returned by operators, check the scanners to ensure that they are undamaged, and then book them back into stock using the appropriate electronic app.
Notify the manager of any damage that has occurred.
Fill out the spreadsheet containing the daily scanner issues.

A Statement of Equity

At Motus, we are committed to Employment Equity both internally and externally, when we are recruiting new employees.
It is the policy of the company to give promotions to current employees whenever that option is available.
Because of this, I want to make sure that you are aware that internal candidates will be considered first before reviewing applicants from the outside, provided that this helps us achieve our goal of Employment Equity.

Please be advised that applicants who have not been contacted within two weeks of the application deadline must consider their submissions to have been unsuccessful.


X8 General Workers
Motus Aftermarket Parts
Johannesburg, Gauteng
Posted 05 June 2023
Closing Date 09 June 2023

General Worker
Motus Aftermarket Parts
Rustenburg, North West
Posted 06 June 2023
Closing Date 08 June 2023

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