Joburg Metrobus Seeking 64 Bus Operators

Joburg MetroBus

64 BUS OPERATORS (also known as BUS DRIVERS) Wanted


Contract for Permanent Employment (Open to Applicants from Both Within and Without the Organization)

LOCATION: Metrobus Depots
Closing Date : March 25th, 2024.


Please fill out the online application for the job and attach all documents that are pertinent and up to date, including your CV, ID, and any certified qualifications or certificates you may possess.

Applicants should be aware that they may be required to provide evidence that the documents they were applying for are originals.
During the process of selecting candidates, you will be asked to provide a concise summary of your previous work experience that is relevant to the position that is available.

Applicants who are members of professional bodies are required to provide a membership number as well as the expiration date of their membership.
If you are applying from within the company, you will be required to provide your employee number.
When submitting their applications for Metro Bus positions, applicants are strongly encouraged to use Google Chrome.


MetroBus is currently accepting applications for employment, and they will not require any form of payment in exchange for any job placement.
The Metro Bus will take into consideration designated groups in accordance with these requirements, and it will apply the principles of employment equity in accordance with the national legislation and policy guidelines.
We are an employer that provides equal opportunities.

The only processes that pertain to recruitment and selection are those.
Metrobus maintains the right to select an individual to fill the position.
When you submit your application for a job at the Metro Bus, you are giving your consent for the personal information that you have included in your application to be used for the purposes that have been outlined in the following sentence:

The purpose of this service is to transport commuters to various destinations in a safe and dependable manner, promptly according to the schedule, and on the appropriate routes, while adhering to all of the rules and regulations that govern roads and traffic.

Prerequisites in terms of experience and qualifications:

(Standard 10)/Grade 12/NQF level 4 plus
Have a valid driver’s license with the code EC1/04 or EC, C.
Drive with a valid professional driver’s license.
minimum of five (5) years of experience behind the wheel of heavy-duty vehicles or heavy-duty public bus transportation utilities

The following is a list of the various performance areas for Kev:

Bus inspections are performed both before and after each trip.
At the bus dispatch office, make sure to follow the sign-on procedures. Perform the assigned shift in accordance with the schedule that has been approved.
Please collect all of the approved fares and issue tickets based on the distance traveled.
Include all of the fares that were collected on a daily basis.

Maintain compliance with all safety regulations, including those pertaining to traffic, both before and during the shift.
All passengers who have inquired should be provided with information regarding the schedule and the routes.
Always make sure that the correct destination information is displayed.
To be responsible for the overall safety and cleanliness of the bus.

Competencies, expertise, and capabilities:

A strong ability to communicate both verbally and in writing.
Customer service orientation.
Having a functional understanding of the geography of the greater Johannesburg area
Being able to deal with people who are physically challenged the commuters, Integrity, honesty, and punctuality are all essential.


All applicants who are able to fulfill the requirements outlined above are strongly encouraged to submit their applications.
Metrobus is an employer that takes affirmative action and provides equal opportunities.
Employment opportunities for women, young people, people with disabilities, and those who will assist the company in improving its employment equity profile will be given priority by the company.

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