Library Clerk Wanted In The Department of Higher Education and Training


Library Clerk

CLOSING DATE : 05 May 2023
The reference number for is LBR/EP/33/2023.
ANNUAL SALARY: R181 599 (Level 05), in addition to other benefits.
CENTER: The Central Office


ABET Level 4/ Standard 8/ Grade 10.
It would be beneficial to have either a recognized National Diploma (NQF 6) in Information Management or Library or a qualification that is comparable to this.
0-6 Months experience Semi Skilled Manual.
A familiarity with building maintenance practices.

A familiarity with the relevant infrastructure policies.
A working familiarity with the applicable laws, regulations, policies, and operating procedures.
A familiarity with the relevant building codes.
Keeping the tools in a secure location.

A familiarity with the process of circulating materials, operating a computer, and compiling statistics registers is required.
Information research database knowledge and understanding of information.
In-depth familiarity with and comprehension of the Student Support Services Act.
A familiarity with and an understanding of the electoral procedures.
The understanding of both teaching and learning.

The ability to provide career guidance and knowledge of extracurricular activities.
A familiarity with the Skills Development Act, as well as the Public Service Regulations and the Public Service Act, as well as the Labour Relations Act.
A familiarity with the National Student Financial Aid Scheme and the legislation that pertains to it. A familiarity with the Public TVET sector and the regulatory and legislative framework that governs it.

Acquiring the necessary knowledge of the ethical regulatory and legislative framework. Acquiring familiarity with and comprehension of the Higher Education industry.
Act to Promote Knowledge and Education.
Planning and organizing for administrative purposes.
Financial management.
Writing up a report.
Communication and building interpersonal relationships.
Problem solving.

The ability to use computers.
Customer service oriented.
Project management.
Leadership of the group.
People management Client service focus.


Contribute to the dissemination of information and the operation of the library.
Help out with the administration of the bookshop and resource center.
Contribute to fostering independent learning and research by providing assistance.
Contribute to the promotion of the IRC in order to raise awareness of its existence, as well as usage of and demand for its services.

Help with the process of cataloging, classifying, and issuing books to students and faculty members.
Offer assistance with general administration as well as logistical matters.
Contribute to the ordering and handling of newly acquired materials.
Determine which resources are required, and explain in detail the reasons for their acquisition.


Mr. B Khakhu
Tel No: 011351 6000


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