Multi Skilled Supervisor at Ster-Kinekor In Gauteng

Ster-Kinekor Career

Multi Skilled Supervisor-Cresta Ster-Kinekor Theaters Pty Ltd Randburg, Gauteng
Permanently posted January 23, 2023, and closing on January 30, 2023

Job Details

Business Unit Cinemas for Cresta
Entertainment is the main business of the associate company.
The job function area is Operations.
What the job entails

Key Duties: Multi-Skilled Supervisor

Responsible for the effective day-to-day shift supervision of cinema operations and the cinema team, with a focus on keeping products and standards of operation up to date, making sure guests have the best experience possible, making sure all operational efforts meet the organization’s strategies and goals, and making the most of operational efficiencies.

Tasks of a multi-skilled supervisor:

Efficient stock control methods: stock management end to end (stock levels, Cost of Sales, Risk Management, etc.)
Make sure to manage and control the float.
Manage and keep an eye on cashier differences.
Responsible for all banking transactions and money received from start to finish. In charge of all vouchers and gifts.
Hit Rate SPP (Spend per Person)
Make sure the movies start and end at the right times.
Make sure there is enough stock on hand or ready to go based on forecasts and operational needs.

Work orders for staff need to be in line with operational needs.
Shift preparation processes must be followed and put into place on time.
Set up a schedule and job assignments for your staff to make sure you have the right number of people doing the right jobs.
Watch over support departments, such as cleaning services.
Handle shift briefings / handovers / shift reports

Talk to people and be on the floor of the theater during your shift to understand and help guests with their requests, special needs, suggestions, concerns, complaints, etc.
Take care of all refunds, readmissions, and freebies.
Manage how the staff looks and how the equipment and systems for the outlet look and work.
Problems should be reported and fixed.
Tell staff about changes in rules and business needs.

Tells internal and external service providers about the cinema’s goals, standards, and operating procedures, according to SOPs and/or SLAs.
Implements business action plans
monitors product performance and reports on it; includes this information in shift report
Make sure that the company’s processes and procedures lead to high levels of operational efficiency.

Contribute to a review of all strategies and processes that were used.
Handle problems with technology, communication, and projections
Follow all laws and health and safety procedures at all times.
Follow the rules and procedures for movies, such as Prestige
Follow all SOPs and the Operations Manual from start to finish.
Make sure that all relevant service requests (such as Technical, ICT, Operational, Properties and Facilities, etc.) are logged on Cherwell.

Follow SOPs about entries in the Occurrence Book.
Manage the staff’s working conditions, such as attendance, absences, time off, and following policies and procedures (such as SOPs and the Operations Manual).
figuring out what training each employee needs
Manage the relationships between employees in the theater.

How to talk to and motivate staff
Getting new employees up to speed
Makes sure guests are treated with respect and courtesy.
Shift change makes sure that staff can give guests useful information.
Always have someone in charge who can be seen in the theater.


  • Matric Essential
  • Minimum NQF Level 5 is advantageous
  • Being able to work in shifts
  • Know-how and experience with:
    • Able to use MS office
    • Work experience as an MSE VISTA for at least 12 months.


Good at both talking and writing.
Good skills in administration and organization
Excellent Management skills and abilities
Good interpersonal skills
Excellent Guest Service abilities


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