Orion Group Grade C Security Officer Wanted

Orion Group Career

Security Officer (Grade C)

Johannesburg, Gauteng
Posted 11 October 2023
Closing Date 10 November 2023

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Job Details

Orion Security Solutions
Minimum experience
Entry Level
Company primary industry
Security and Investigations
Job functional area
R65 988 – R68 712 per annum

Description of the Security Officer Job

Orion Security Services is currently looking to hire security guards at the Grade C level.
These guards will be responsible for ensuring that the workplace is a safe place for employees, visitors, and the organization’s assets at all times.
They will actively monitor and patrol the designated areas in order to ensure compliance with the security protocols and ensure a rapid response to any potential incidents or threats.

Security Officer Principal Duties and Obligations:

Maintaining a visible and physical security presence is an effective way to safeguard the organization’s and/or tenant’s premises.
Monitor and authorize the entry of individuals into the facility, property, or building, making sure that they have the appropriate identification and are adhering to the established security protocols.

Carry out routine patrols of the premises in order to identify and deter any possible security breaches or suspicious activities that may be taking place.
Maintain constant vigilance over the surveillance cameras and alarms, acting quickly in response to any potential threats or worries.

Notify the appropriate authorities of any breaches in security, incidents, or irregularities, and ensure that written reports are kept that are both accurate and detailed.
Whenever it is required, provide employees, visitors, or contractors with escorted transportation to and from designated areas while maintaining their safety and security.

To prevent unauthorized entry or theft, implement access control measures such as verifying credentials and conducting bag checks.
These steps should be taken.
During times of emergency or incident, it is important to maintain close collaboration with law enforcement agencies, emergency services, and other relevant stakeholders.

It is important to offer assistance and support during times of emergency, such as evacuations, medical emergencies, and general crisis management.
Maintain a comprehensive understanding of the organization’s and/or client’s security policies and procedures, ensuring compliance with said policies and effectively enforcing said procedures.
Maintain an up-to-date awareness of the most recent trends, technologies, and best practices in the security industry while continuously enhancing professional knowledge and abilities.

Criteria for Security Officer selection:

The equivalent of a high school Matric or higher is required.
Accreditation from the PSIRA at the Grade C level.
Required to have a registration with PSIRA.
A track record of success in the role of a security guard or in a field closely related to it is preferred.
A familiarity with the internal operations and procedures of security, including access control, surveillance systems, and the protocols for responding to emergencies.

Possessing excellent observation and attention to detail skills is essential for effectively identifying and counteracting potential security threats.
Possessing strong English communication skills, both verbal and written, enables one to interact with employees, visitors, and law enforcement agencies with complete confidence.

Physical fitness, the ability to stand or walk for extended periods of time, as well as the ability to respond calmly and effectively to unexpected emergencies are all desirable qualities.
Must be able to work a variety of shifts, including nights, weekends, and holidays, depending on what the requirements of the security position are.
Capacity to respond with tact, diplomacy, and professionalism when confronted with stressful situations.

Honesty, dependability, and a firm dedication to protecting the privacy of sensitive information are all essential qualities.
Certification in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation is recommended but not required.

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