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11x Betting Clerks – Western Cape

Cape Town, Western Cape
Posted 08 February 2024
Closing Date : Not Mentioned
Salary : Not Mentioned

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Job Details

Business Unit
Other Roles
Minimum experience
Entry Level
Company primary industry
Gambling and Casinos
Job functional area

Job Description

Joining the Hollywood bets Purple Team offers the chance to be a part of one of South Africa’s most significant achievements.
Hollywoodbets, which originated in Durban, has expanded into a dominant brand that operates in various locations across Africa and the United Kingdom.
However, this is merely the initial stage.
Our highly skilled team is dedicated to expanding our presence worldwide, prepared to tackle any obstacle, as at Hollywood bets, there are no limits, not even the sky.
Join our team and strive for excellence.

We offer exceptional prospects for individuals interested in the role of 11x Betting Clerks.
Do you believe you possess the necessary qualities and abilities to become our most recent members of the esteemed Purple Stars?

These thrilling prospects are available at our Worcester, Vasco, Philippi, Stellenbosch, Kenilworth, Dunoon, Montague Gardens, and Waterkant branches.

The selected individuals will have the responsibility of overseeing the branch’s operations, which include handling customer bets, enhancing wager amounts, managing cash flow, processing payouts, providing customer service, and ensuring compliance.

By using Hollywood bets, you will be able to:

Engage in innovative and creative endeavors alongside a group of like-minded individuals who are genuine and enthusiastic about accomplishing objectives.
Embrace the difficulties and excitement of working in a dynamic and high-speed industry.
Advance your career by embracing our development plans and fostering a culture that facilitates professional growth.


1-2 years of experience in the gaming industry.
Responsibilities for the Brand

Branch proliferation

Ensure that the betting boards are updated promptly.
Updating of memos, card modifications, outcomes, and cancellations that occur throughout the day.
Acquire comprehensive knowledge of all betting regulations, probabilities, and monetary rewards.
Team members are required to possess expertise regarding confirmation limits and are expected to contact the BSC and Events Office prior to placing a bet that exceeds the limit.
Team members must notify the Team Leaders/Betting Manager when placing substantial bets that do not necessitate confirmation.

Sales Administration

Effectively oversee cash management within the branch in accordance with established protocols to mitigate risks and prevent instances of theft or fraud.
Team members must remain vigilant in detecting any emerging fraudulent activities targeting the company.

Financial management of cash

Team members must ensure that they possess the precise float amounts at the start of their shift in order to facilitate the balancing process at the end of the day.
Interim inspections should be conducted throughout the day in the presence of the team leader on duty.
Promptly address any instances of cash deficits, with deficits below R250.00 requiring reimbursement by the team member on the same day to the Hollywood establishment.
It is imperative to report any deficiencies or excesses to the supervising team leader and accurately document them on the reconciliation record.

Physical characteristics of a branch

Maintain the branch in a consistently orderly and immaculate manner, adhering to the standards set by Hollywood.
Make sure that your workstation is properly maintained and in excellent operational state.
Adhere to all protocols to avoid any financial setbacks to the company, promptly notifying your branch or senior team leaders of any issues or malfunctions with the terminals, equipment, or resources (such as TV display of results or being offline).

Customer Support:

To ensure excellent customer service, it is essential to consistently display friendliness, helpfulness, politeness, and courtesy.
Take proactive measures to address customer complaints and ensure that customers receive positive feedback.
Cultivate robust relationships with loyal clientele.
Establish a culture that prioritizes the needs and satisfaction of customers within the branch, and consistently promote the philosophy of providing service with a friendly and positive demeanor.


Conformity and strict observance of the company’s internal control policies.
Adherence to the code of ethics and reporting of fraudulent activities.
Team members must adhere to the dress code by wearing the appropriate Hollywood uniform while on duty.

Team members are prohibited from taking credit bets.
Team members who are currently working are prohibited from placing bets while wearing the Hollywood uniform.
Team members are permitted to engage in gambling activities as patrons when they are not on duty and not wearing their Hollywood uniform.
Team members are prohibited from being positioned behind the terminal counters while not on duty.

Team members on duty are prohibited from using the Limited pay-out machine.
Principles or beliefs that guide one’s behavior or decisions.
Engage in the active promotion of the cultural principles and ideals associated with Hollywood.
Embody the principles and serve as a role model for fellow team members.

Your Contributions to the Team

Exhibits a commendable comprehension of betting protocols.
Comprehend the various forms of betting.
Ensure effective income and expenditure management by adhering to the company’s policies, practices, and procedures.
Demonstrate attentiveness to every facet of the job.
Exhibit accountability for tasks and possess the capability to detect anomalies.

Kindly be aware that only individuals who satisfy the specified minimum criteria will be taken into consideration as team members.


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